Safer pools through education.

Crystal Clear Perfection

Carrico Aquatic Resources believes in providing the aquatic owner with safe, clean, sparkling blue water with the lowest investment of time and money.  We do this by coordinating the source water chemistry with the entire water treatment system to meet our responsibility of:

Protecting the swimmers from disease and injury

Protect the pool equipment and structure from premature degradation

Carrico Aquatic Resources goals are:

The safety of recreational water facility patrons

The conservation of natural resources used in facility operation

The education of commercial recreational water facility operators

We have access to, and utilize professional engineers, certified aquatic operator instructors, chemical engineers, microbiologists, and seasoned pool operators to solve pool and spa problems and to ensure efficient operation in compliance with federal and state regulations.  We offer a myriad of services tailored to all aspects of aquatic management and operations.

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