NECCSys Control

NECCSys is the result of over 10 years of in the field study and product development.  The result was a system that not only lowers combined chlorine and improves air quality, but does all this while reducing energy consumption and costs.
NECCSys stands for Natatorium Environmental Communication and Control System.  This system is a first of its kind  where the readings in the swimming pool are communicated to the other mechanical equipment in the pool system including UV systems, air handling units, and building management systems.

When utilized as a complete system we have seen energy reductions as high as 40%. The best part is that we no longer need to sacrifice one system to correct another, for the first time the entire pool system is working together.

Wisconsin Focus on Energy has recognized the energy reduction potential and has teamed with Carrico Aquatic Resources Inc. to provide incentives  and results based financing to get the NECCSys system installed at facilities where it will make a difference.  If your site is interested in reducing combined chlorine, improving air quality, and saving money contact Carrico Aquatic Resources Inc. today.

Download a NECCSys cut sheet.

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