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ChlorKing® NEX-GEN chlorine generator systems are designed specifically for commercial swimming pool applications. Ranging in sizes from 5 – 80lbs per day, these ChlorKing generators are ideally suited for all commercial swimming pools and water parks. The unique design, simplicity and ease of use make this line of generators the most viable alternative to traditional chlorine available on the market today.

With fuel costs continuing to rise and bulk storage of chlorine becoming an ever increasing problem, many pool operators are seeking safer, more cost effective solutions for the sanitization of commercial swimming pools. On-site production of chlorine as a solution of sodium hypochlorite alleviates those unnecessary risks and puts an end to ever increasing chlorine prices and storage issues. The only raw material, salt, is an inert, safe compound that is stored in a feeder on-site and used as required by the chlorine generator.

NEX-GEN technology is the only viable solution to produce sodium hypochlorite on-site as the pool water becomes the raw material for production, instead of fresh water and water softeners. Imagine all the chlorine your facility requires, being made on-site and having the ability to feed multiple pools from a single chlorine generation system.

ChlorKing® NEX-GEN chlorine generator systems feature one additional advantage over traditional chlorine and all other chlorine generators: pH neutral chlorine is produced allowing for a more stable, effective chlorine to treat your swimming pool or spa.

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