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Carrico Aquatic Resources offers a flexible approach to each project’s needs.  We do not have a canned approach or standard service.  We tailor our professional water management assistance programs to each individual client’s needs.

Carrico Aquatic Resources believes in effective contractor client communication.  We feel the key to success in agreement operations is open, honest communication between our clients and the Carrico Aquatic Resources team.  Our clients maintain control of their aquatic facilities because they are completely informed about operations and maintenance activities, water quality, equipment status, operation cost, preventative maintenance, and budgetary considerations.  They make all of the final decision on operations.

We feel these programs provide the following advantages:

Continuity and consistency in aquatic operations.

Pool owners and operators have access to the latest technological advances in water treatment

Third party neutral assessment of their pool operation.

Independent evaluation of water treatment system and chemical levels.

Technical assistance in handling equipment warranty claims.

Fixed operating expense for pool water treatment.

Here are some of our most popular programs:


With this program Carrico Aquatic Resources will:

 Monitor the pool via controller communications (if available).

 Visit the pool every 4-6 weeks.

 Perform a 14 point on site water analysis of the pool water.

 Download controller chemical levels, event logs, and status conditions (if available).

 Provide continual education and operator training.

 Make recommendations for chemical changes to balance the water to the proper pool index.

 Evaluate pool equipment and make recommendations for preventative maintenance considerations.

 Be available for phone or on-site consultation to assist in correcting unforeseen equipment malfunctions to avoid emergency situations.

PROFESSIONAL HELP (pH program) with “Chemicals”:

With this program the owner receives all the benefits outlined in the pH Program, plus we supply all the chemicals the pool will use at a guaranteed price for up to two years.

PPM (Professional Pool Management):

The benefits to this program in addition to those already stated is that Carrico Aquatic Resources provides all the chemicals and chemical feed equipment including controllers, if needed, for a guaranteed period of two years.  This program takes the worry out of being left behind technologically as well as the cost to repair or replace equipment.  It takes pool operational cost from a variable to a fixed expense.

C.O.M. (Complete Operational Management):

With this program Carrico Aquatic Resources will provide everything to operate the aquatic facility INCLUDING the operator.  Currently the Carrico Aquatic Resources staff operates up to 30 different bodies of water.

This is a very specialized program and is not available in all areas.

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